Boat is a 20' aluminum bass boat with 115 optimax on it, not sure of the gross weight of the rig. Could barely tell it was back there, on the interstate running 70-75 mph it showed between 10-12 mpg. Once off the interstate and on the country back highways running 60 mph, it did 14-16 mpg.
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Plus these two conductors will carry the current of all your electrical loads combined, so they are typically fairly beefy cables. Even a small boat (3-5 loads) we’d recommend at least 12AWG wire for this. 10AWG for larger boats (5-10 loads) is normal. 8AWG is getting toward over-kill in most cases for boats under 30ft.
Jul 23, 2013 · It gets up to 7000 rpms with no problems at all. The other engine (that I just had rebuilt and the carbs as well) will not exceed 4000 rpms and is pretty sluggish getting there. Also there doesn't seem to be any top end on the throttle, as I basically hit 4000 rpms at 3/4 throttle and the last quarter gets nothing.
The bike idles way better, doesn't die with he choke too, but under load it still bogs down around 5-7k from, bogs down alot on full or half throttle too – Iqbal Khan May 29 '16 at 21:47 From what I've read people at its a jet issue or something being dirty or clogged it seeing that I've cleaned it so much I doubt this.
The all-aluminum four-valve-per-cylinder engine cranks the dynomometer needle over to the 140-horse mark at 5600 rpm and twists out 145 pound-feet of torque at 4600 rpm. ... at less than 3000 rpm ...
If the switch is defective or out of adjustment your trans won't kick down under load and the truck will bog down. With the throttle wide open the switch should be adjusted to engage with a .31 feeler guage in between. 94 NA Won't Start While it's Hot . The truck starts fine when cold.
S.L.O.W. functions to reduce the engine RPM to approximately 2,500 when the engine overheats. QuikStart (a 10° timing advance) activates as long as the engine RPM is below 1,100, the engine temperature is below 105 F and the yellow/red wire from the starter solenoid is not feeding 12 volts DC to the power pack all of the time.
OK I have a 2002 Chevy pick up four-wheel- drive I bought it from a kid who told me that it needs a transmission but she still goes in the first gear second gear and when she’s about to get into third gear the RPMs goes all the way up to 4000 RPMs and then she’s shifts and then she can only goes 55 miles an hour I change some sensors on it but it still giving me the problem the same ...
Lex is using a 1.8 to 1 Hurth gearbox, so the 3000 engine RPM is 1666 at the prop. "The prop was built using a simple steel jig to compare the blade shapes to ensure they were the same and at right angles to each other, pitch was checked at two or three locations with more attention paid to the outer 1/4 and the tips.
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  • Boat runs and moves slowly but won't accelerate? - posted in General Sport Boat Discussion: 1996 Sea-doo Challenger runs and moves slowly (walking speed) but will not accelerate. The RPMs increase with throttle increase but the boat does not go any faster. Any thoughts or common problems that would cause this? Thanks for your help!
  • I am new to the forum and have a 2002 Yam 115 EFI 4 stroke on a 02 hurricane 19 ft deck boat. I have had the boat for about 4 years and it has never idled quite right (stalls when coming off high RPM) Recently it began to loose RPM and surge. It has gotten worse and will no longer plane out and sounds like it is missing at high RPM, under load.
  • Boat runs and moves slowly but won't accelerate? - posted in General Sport Boat Discussion: 1996 Sea-doo Challenger runs and moves slowly (walking speed) but will not accelerate. The RPMs increase with throttle increase but the boat does not go any faster. Any thoughts or common problems that would cause this? Thanks for your help!

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If you feel you need to test the fuel pump pressure for these motors, the factory specs call for 1 psi @ 600 rpm, 1.5 psi. @ 2,500 to 3,000 rpm and 2.5 psi @ 4,500 rpm. If with the motor running, you happen to have fuel spraying out the small hole on the back of the fuel pump, you have a ruptured fuel pump diaphragm.

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Boat won't go over 3000 rpm under load- Problems and Solutions. After you have identified the reason, now it's time to fix your boat. Most of these solutions are DIY, but if you're a newbie, it's better to get it checked by a pro. Now let's discuss those above-mentioned problems in detail.

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Oct 05, 2018 · I have a 35zf donzi with twin mercury 250 2 stroke with 1.75 gears. Mercury states max rpm 5800. I am currently running 46 mph (GPS) @ 5800 rpms with about 2000 lbs of load plus hull weight of 7500lbs with a rev 4 21p. That puts my prop slip at 30.19 % which seems high. Before I was running bravo1 22p and running 48 mph @ 5400 rpms same load.

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May 01, 2016 · Turns out it had the wrong prop from a smaller lower unit. The opening for the exhaust was too small and was blowing exhaust on the outside of the hub causing an instant cavitation. That is intentional for some setups. You run a small hub prop to get prop cavitation to get the rpms up.

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No engine fires every cylinder 100% of the time. Misfires can occur at idle, when the engine is pulling hard under load, at high rpm and during throttle transitions as the air/fuel mixture changes. A few misfires are to be expected under these conditions, and should cause no major performance problems or significant increase in emissions.

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Ran great at the shop for the tech and we took it out Friday, rode about 45 mins ran like a scalded dog at all rPM's. Parked for a couple hours and wouldn't run above 2000 rPM's then just violently died, towed back to dock and ran fine to load, almost! Came a few feet short, repeat issue. I took it to the shop again.

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We had a similar problem type of problem, motor would idle fine, under load and various times shut down/bog out. It was a 1989 Yamaha 90 inject on a 17' Montauk. We went through all kinds of headaches until we called the mechanic. Pin hole in the aluminum head, under load/pressure, would inject water directly into a cylinder.

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I took the boat out 2 times since the tune up and it fires up great it doesn't have a problem starting or going it has a problem when I put the throttle wide open it only goes up to 2000 rpm or 8mph... first time I took it out after the service it ran only at 2000 rpm or 8mph than I called the shop about it they said to change the gas out since ...

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A protective metal leading edge can save composite propeller blades from destruction should driftwood, etc, go through the propeller -- in this case a 5/8" wrench. This blade was able to be repaired to like-new condition for just under $100.

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Holden changed all the clutches to the LS7 Clutch in the Sep 2010 and likely all LS3 Manual have it. But before that the factory slave cylinders let the system down and the clutch pedal often stays down after high load high rpm, it will slip at high rpm under load when its starting to fail.

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Aug 14, 2007 · The T61p is the first widescreen ThinkPad mobile workstation, and the latest high-end offering from Lenovo. It comes with almost every feature a demanding business user could want, and is starting ...

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Sep 16, 2014 · My past experience showed no such signs. Caught some fishing line, ripped the seal, lost the oil into the water, and it looked clean. Never noticed any oil but it was all gone, and these same symptoms came up, no power under load.

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Nov 22, 2017 · If I go forward, I am looking forward to my diesel education. To answer your question, we did not photo tach the motor; we just read the meter on the dash. I will see about doing that on the next ride. If that also reads under 3000, I take it I am a little over propped which I understand can be fixed easily.

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May 22, 2016 · OK, 28 foot boat, twin TAMD 41B's, 200 HP each, cruise it at 3200 RPM's. Ran the boat last weekend, ran perfect, headed out the other day and the port engine wouldn't go over 2200 RPM's, felt like it wasn't making boost, or not getting enough fuel. Changed both fuel filters, no change, checked...

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Jul 27, 2016 · If motor stalls at (does not go over) 3000 rpms, Carefully push open the top (large) secondary butterflies open a little at a time and see if you gain rpms. If this happens then the timing of the secondary butterflies needs to be adjusted. If this is proven to be your issue then report back and additional instructions can be given.

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Jul 27, 2020 · The run-time at 25% load for the Honda is 8.1 hours. At the rated (1800W) load this drops to 3.4 hours. This is slightly less than the Champion, but a good bit ahead of the Wen. Honda's "Eco Throttle" system balances the engine speed to the required load. This allows the unit to be as fuel efficient as possible. Portability

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Audio and visual cues combine with RPM reduction circuits to alert the operator of overheating, low oil PSI and over-revving to prevent engine damage. Tiller models feature a new 4-lamp warning system built into the tiller handle, while remote control models deliver alerts via messages through Honda’s multi-function digital gauges or a ...

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Consequently, the ECU will again restrict the amount of fuel injected into the engine, and hinder the Honda Accord's optimal performance. Ultimately, if there's a low or disproportionate air and fuel supply, the engine won't rev beyond 4,000 RPM. Clogged air filters have been shown to reduce your gas mileage by up to 20 percent.

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Jun 01, 2020 · Is your engine over or under revving? Selecting the correct prop should result in your engine running within the designed rpm range at Wide Open Throttle (WOT). Your owner’s manual should include this spec—usually 5000–5500rpm for an outboard or 4200-5000rpm for a sterndrive—or your mechanic or dealer may know.

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Jun 13, 2007 · Plug Chops are what you do to tell which rpm range is rich or lean if you don't have an Oxygen or Gas sensor. Basically you run the bike under load, (some do it at a certain rev range e.g. idle, 2000-3500, 3500-4500 etc) however...

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Ran great at the shop for the tech and we took it out Friday, rode about 45 mins ran like a scalded dog at all rPM's. Parked for a couple hours and wouldn't run above 2000 rPM's then just violently died, towed back to dock and ran fine to load, almost! Came a few feet short, repeat issue. I took it to the shop again.

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More torque means more force you have to either accelerate your car or pull a load with, since torque is Force x distance (aka lb-ft or Newton-Meters). ... and you won’t be able to go any faster ...

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Jun 23, 2019 · Incidentally if installing under VMware or Vbox remember to install the VMWare tools or VBOX additions to the guest after first logon -- windows 98 / 95 won't know anything about HDMI / 1080p/ 4k Ultra HD size monitors -- that's what the virtual video driver will do - plus better control for sound, mouse, networking and some other enhancements.

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Took it out and it will rev up to 4200 then bogs out. If i step on it right away it bogs out. When in park if i slowly bring up the rpm i can get it to rev out, if i step on it it bogs out. clutches seem to be working as i left the cover off. with the secondary i can move the bike easily when its in gear.

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Ok, I have a 2006 Duramax 100% stock(no tuner/mods/etc whatsoever) with 140k miles on it. It's been driving absolutely fine until this morning. I went to leave the house this morning and it didn't want to start. Just gave the "click click" you get when you have a dying battery. Turned the...

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600cfm is too small for a boat with a 455. I have a 460 with 2 450's that tops out at 4700rpm's/60mph. ... Motor wont go over 3000 rpm! Jump to Latest Follow ... years ago on a jet boat. Replaced the fuel fill caps w/ non-vented ones. Motor would rev to 6k on the trailer, but under load would only run 2800 rpm. Had WOT, no binding on the ...

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Jun 04, 2019 · That means it's a $3,890 premium over the 2.7-liter turbo four-cylinder and just a hair under $2,500 more than the smaller 5.3-liter V8. ... maintains it from 1,500 to 3,000 rpm while the gasoline ...

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6 Set DC Motors Kit, Mini Electric Hobby Motor 3V -12V 25000 RPM Strong Magnetic with 86Pcs Plastic Gears, 9V Battery Clip Connector,Boat Rocker Switch,Shaft Propeller for DIY Science Projects 4.5 out of 5 stars 162

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California to Florida via the Panama Canal By Dolph McCranie, [email protected] the Right Whale, Krogen 48 Whaleback, hull #8. California to Florida via the Panama Canal. Quite a trip for a retired "mom and pop" with an eight knot trawler and no crew other than ourselves.

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The best thing to do is calculate a constant from published tests or your personal setup and go from there. The calculator below uses the above formula. Plug in your info, and click "Calculate" on the item you want to compute. By using known values for the weight, power and speed you can come up with a more accurate constant for your boat.

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This function converts miles to kilometers (km).
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Aug 07, 2008 · I have a 1977 Mercrusier sterndrive. The engine runs great. When I hit the gas, the motor revs up but the boat doesn't pick up much speed and it sounds like its working extra hard. It doesn't pick up fast enough to get up on plane. I changed props, I messed with the tilt, I'm not sure what to check next. Some boat and motor packages are just not happy combinations. They're slow out of the hole, slow on top end and suck up fuel like there's no tomorrow. They porpoise, they chine walk and they're tough to steer. While there's no universal solution for every combination, one device that helps many problem boats is known generally as the "hydro-foil". These foils or horizontal fins, which clamp or ...
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Tuned to power the heaviest offshore boats out of the hole and over the swell, it also has the legs to fly big pontoons and speedy runabouts. Yet, 350 Verado still sets the bar for smooth, quiet boating. i have a twin screw 34' sea ray sedan, the starboard engine will not go over 3000 rpm under load but will rev over 4 grand in neutral. i have checked timing,changed electronic ignition module, ... rpms rev to 2600 rpms boat won't get on a plane. Ran fine for first 3 hours.

First, you should lot run your engine up to 5000 rpm's without it being under load. Being a 2012, isn't it under warranty? Your dealer should not be putting you off until June, that is terrible service. If you live anywhere near Lomira, give Josh at the Boat Doc a call. He is the best in the state on Mercury motors. Hope you get your problem ...